You need to use your imagination when you put out to purchase planks to your hardwood floors. There are many kinds of timber you are able to choose from but you want to choose the one which is just the right size and color for your house. Following are some easy instructions that you can follow in order to Pick the Best wide hardwood planks for your floors:

Choose Wood That Will Compliment Your Space

For hardwood flooring to appear great it is absolutely essential that you select wood with the grain, hue and complete that appeals to you the most and that enhances and compliments the furniture and light around your home or room. The most crucial issue is the appeal and aura that the new wood flooring will create. Try to envision if tan, blonde or amber will seem great in your home or darker hues will appear best in accordance with the lighting in the room. Lighter woods like birch, pine, white and red oak can provide an airy appearance into your dimly lit area. Darker ones like deeply hued wood such as cherry or walnut can provide a formal and elegant appearance to your space and are best suited for places like an office or a study.


Wood can endure for generations provided it is taken care of. If you chose wood which is harder than walnut such as walnut, ash , or maple then they are more difficult to finish as compared to walnut and you’ll be able to leave them in their normal state. On the other hand, oak is the best choice if you want to adjust the hue on the flooring. If you want to generate a rustic appeal then using heartwood pine is your best choice to give your home a bright and warm Early American look.

Deciding on the Length of the Plank

Wide plank hardwood floors 5inches in width are best for big or darkened rooms. The natural layout of timber is much more visible on bigger planks and will have a greater effect. If you would like to provide your home and room a grander look then wide wood planks are the thing to do.

Selecting a Finish

Selecting the Most Appropriate finish Can Help You enhance the tone and brightness of the Timber.
The end can also be employed to adjust the colour of the flooring in line with the demands of your room or home. High gloss flooring will offer a sophisticated style while low gloss floors might be suited to a modern farmhouse style.
Imagine the Transformation
Once you have chosen the wood spend some time at the place which you’re likely to re-floor. This can allow you to picture how your room or certain space in your house will look like once your chosen wood planks are in place.

Final Word of Advice
Request a floor adviser what he believes about your preferred wood board to have a clearer image as well as an expert’s advice.
Follow the mentioned measures and you’ll not have any trouble in picking out wide hardwood planks to your flooring. Benfleet Floor Sanding has been assisting individuals pick hardwood flooring that match their personal design since 2003.


Homeowners assume many things about their hardwood flooring, and a number of those assumptions centre on the mill finish parasitic prefinish application. Prefinished floors provides durability and beauty to your floors. But is that factor more important than the timber species? Discover what you want to know about the end and produce a more informed decision when buying hardwood flooring.

Can Prefinish Create Color?

Many consumers choose wood floors based on colour and overall appearance, including texture and grain. While staining the wood to imitate different species is common practice in the cabinetry industry like walnut stained Oaks, hardwood flooring colors come from the first species. Prefinished floors add a layer of security for high traffic locations.

Therefore, if you would like a cherry color on your dining room, look at the various choices for cherry timber.

Are Prefinished Coatings Stronger Than Website End?

Traditional hardwood floors went in raw and contractors implemented the finish on site. Because this process came with quite a lot of disruption and mess, producers developed durable prefinishing approaches employing a controlled environment and state-of-the-art processes to achieve the same or better standards of power.

Today’s prefinished wood flooring comes with extensive warranties and lasts for decades. Some programs eventually require refinishing, but most can defy 15-20 years of constant traffic without any need for pruning.

Start looking for prefinished wood flooring with additives for strength, such as aluminum oxide, and trustworthy application procedures involving UV healing.

Can Prefinished Floors Dent or Scratch?

Prefinished wood flooring frequently carries the tag”wear-resistant.” Be careful not to suppose that this claim covers affect and other significant forces. Wear resistance protects against ordinary traffic. But, the thickest finishing procedure such as aluminum oxide coatings cannot protect the wood beneath from immediate impact.

Dents, scratches, and gouges show up on every hardwood flooring most often due to moving furniture. Harder wood species decrease the potential of denting. Pick prefinished floor for resistance to everyday wear.

Particular wood flooring products are marketed toward pet owners or families, offering limited scratch-resistant warranties or other readily misunderstood labels. Do your research and understand precisely what the product warranty covers, as well as what kind of performance you can count on from this hardwood floor.

We now understand what prefinish does on hardwood floors, offering durability and resistance from regular wear when emphasizing the natural beauty and colour of the wood. It’s extremely important to put money into timber flooring using a quality prefinish. You also want to locate a wood species that suits your requirements and budget. This combination creates hardwood floors able to endure the test of time and deliver years of dependable performance and beauty. While prefinish is an important factor, consumers should also focus on overall quality and purchase the perfect product for their job.


Wood flooring are an immensely common flooring alternative. They provide a natural beauty to the room, together with durability and strength. However, what turns some people away from timber floors is the maintenance they need. They get scratched, gouged stained, which is devastating to a homeowner who just spent hard-earned money on them. However, below are some hacks which could help you keep your flooring looking amazing, and shield them from potential calamities.

  1. You’re utilized to smoothing out your clothes with an iron. Did you know you can use it to smooth out your flooring, too? Place a moist cloth over any scratches, and use an iron to flatten out the space. This may work for wood furniture as well. Don’t forget to try on a sample first.
  2. You might wear socks around the house to protect your toes, but they can also be employed to protect your floor. Put socks on the legs of tables and chairs when you’re transferring them around so that they don’t scrape the floor whenever you need to slide them.
  3. Toothpaste can get out common injuries like permanent markers. Put a bit on a moist cloth and apply some elbow grease to remove marks. A magic eraser may also remove scuffs on the floor.
  4. If you’ve got creaky floors, then infant powder might be able to assist. Dust them with powder, which will get into the cracks. This may fill up the spaces between the boards and stop them from being creaky.
  5. Can you’ve got scratches on your flooring? A little bit of canola oil can get help to reduce their visibility.
  6. People are always on the lookout for homemade cleaning solutions which prevent harsh chemicals. In a pinch try black tea for a floor cleaner. It’s always recommended to use an approved flooring cleaner for long-term protection.

Don’t be terrified of getting wood floors. Use these hacks to keep them looking amazing constantly. Remember to always follow manufacturer guidelines for keeping your hardwood floors. If unsure, seek out the help of a specialist.


Hardwood floors are frequently the most attractive feature in any room. Hardwood flooring in good shape may add heat to your home and contribute to the entire value of their house; keeping hardwood floors in good condition, however, is vital to bringing the glowing qualities that make this true.

At FLOOR SANDING BENFLEET, a hardwood floor company, we understand what an advantage hardwood flooring could be. We also understand that floors is frequently subject to continuous dirt and dirt, sliding furniture, as well as the scuffling paws of pets. In order to help protect your hardwood flooring, we supply customers the safe and effective wood floor cleaning products and offer these tips.

We see that nearly all care for hardwood flooring is done by the homeowner. Because of this, we provide easy-to-use cleaning products that are fast and efficient. A regular cleaning regimen is a secret to keeping the floor free from dirt and other substances that has the potential to scratch the end. Our Benfleet Floor Sanding is the best tool for quick removal of this kind of debris.

Wood floor cleaning can be about avoidance. We urge:

Placing mats and rugs over high-traffic areas of the house such as hallways and entrances.
Placing small bits of felt padding beneath all surfaces that come in contact with the wood, as this can prevent accidental scratches due to accidentally shifting furniture.
Cleaning all spills as soon as they occur and keeping regular dust using a robotic vacuum cleaner .
Maintaining a relative humidity between 45% to 55% hardness to prevent swelling, shrinking, or cracking in the floor.

Our Benfleet Floor Sanding Easy Floor Cleaner will assist in quickly removing damaging liquids while preventing the protective end in the area.

Our specialists are able to help customers with every aspect of the maintenance and cleaning of their wood flooring. From cleaning product recommendations to environmental risk factors, our knowledgeable staff is always available for aid. Call Benfleet Floor Sanding at 01702 910 430 for more valuable tips and training about the best way to take care of your hardwood flooring.


shutterstock_641704987To what extent does direct sunlight damage floors and furniture? The issue of sun-fading is best exemplified by leaving cushioned furniture out for a prolonged period of time. Hardwood flooring requires additional protection as the floor can undergo irreversible damage if exposed to harsh sunlight; but the good news is it is possible to take steps to prevent extensive damage.

How to Prevent Sun Damage On Your Hardwood Floors

Aside from causing severe skin burns, UV rays will also be responsible for damage to a hardwood flooring, furniture, rugs, and art. When coupled with humidity and warmth, the combination can leave your inside faded and unsightly. By implementing these solutions, you can prevent the effects of sun damage and keep your floor’s integrity throughout the seasons.

Home Window Film Protection

This is unquestionably the best step against UV and Infrared harm as it blocks 99% of harmful rays, preventing fading and discoloration. By installing quality window films, a lot of the damage related to UV and Infrared light spectrums could be averted. Window tinting provides a more durable solution and is more preferable to maintaining the curtains drawn throughout the day.

Window pictures allow enough visual lighting move (VLT) to permeate to your house, which implies any prefinished hardwood flooring will still have enough light during the daytime, but are free of damaging rays that warmth through glass.

Utilize a Sealant on the Floor
The impact of sunlight on floors will be different based on the specific timber and colour tone. Some kinds of wood darken with exposure and many others take on a lighter tone. To balance the effect of sun in the room, move furniture around to create a uniform colour scheme on the floor. By using a sun-resistant sealant during your hardwood flooring installation, you can even minimize long term effects of exposure. Aside from general oil and wax finishes, you may choose to use varnish, lacquer, shellac, or polyurethane.

Direct sunlight poses a serious threat to your upholstery, furniture, engineered hardwood floors, and other precious items in your property. By filtering the rays entering your house, you can stop long-term harm (and related costs) and in the process maintain the value of your house’s interior. If you plan to hang valuable art on your interior space, there are steps to preserve the integrity of artwork without necessarily installing the other protective measuresnonetheless, consider the consequences of permitting direct sunlight into your property.

FLOOR SANDING BENFLEET would be the go-to men for hardwood flooring services!

For more than 20 decades, we have been supplying hardwood floors sales, fix and refinishing services to clients at Benfleet Ares. For anything about hardwood flooring, give us a call 01702 910 430 or use our online form.

Look outstanding with sanding!

Look outstanding with sanding!

Floor sanding is a way to bring life to your old shabby home or office flooring. It is cheaper than changing the whole floor and much easier. Sanding needs a lot of calculations and techniques so it can be done perfectly. The best choice is a fully equipment floor sanding services company.
Smooth floor maintenance will enhance the overall look of your dwellings. The first step that need to be made before the true sanding procedure starts is cleaning – once the floors are cleaned, they will need to be totally dried before the wooden boards may be fixed. Since your wooden floor is a key facet of your property that needs continual maintenance and attention! Many people ask for polishing procedure, but it is mostly not required for new floors, and floors with polyurethane coating.
There are parts from home that need sturdier wood types, for example cypress or cedar, you get in touch with our company and we will help you choose the right one for your property. But when you hold your hardwood floors to be looking fantastic and prolong their daily life, take solid wood floor types. Our firm have years of experience in this business and we will provide your hardwood floors a great shine!
The last stage from sanding your wooden floor is sealing and you can decide what to use – a natural oil or hard wax oil or lacquer. This last touch is protecting your floors from stains, weather conditions, furniture, and human harming.
If you are going to search for a professional sanding company, you need to contact with our fine experts!

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Home sweet home

Home is a place that is not just outside property you buy , it is inside us, because we feel safe there, we have fun there and we rise our children there, when we have problem with our home area we are thinking about it and we want to decide it, so we can feel good again. For example when we know that our wooden floors are harmed and they are not looking the way we remember them we are looking for a solution.

The right solution here is called sanding! Yes , this procedure will bring back life in your flooring no matter what is their condition now, how old are they or whatever. Do not doubt and contact the experts so we can help!

We know all about wood, about type of floors and their surface. Our occupation is flooring and we have chosen this business, because we love our job! If your your floors are scratched, damaged or else – contact us or get a free sanding quote on our website! All of our clients are handled with respect and they come back us again and recommend to their friends!


Colours in wooden floors world

Hardwood floors doesn’t have to be a sea of brown. The traditional and classic choice of home owners is brown colour and it’s varies, but these days we see an interest in new visions and more colourful designs of home and office interiors and also wood floors. Universally available finish colours suggest wonderful array of whites, browns, blacks and reds and even blue ones!

Traditionally, hardwood flooring came in thick planks of solid timber. Today, solid hardwood is still widely available, but many of our clients also prefer an engineered flooring. It is made of planks with a thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers and designed to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion or contraction cycles.

Solid wood from other side is generally installed over one or two layers of plywood, which can raise the height of a floor and interfere with existing doors or marginally reduced ceiling height but their long lasting is a big advantage! Choose carefully and contact with experts if you have new ideas for the colour of your floors, because some engineered floors have top layers so thin that they can’t be sanded and refinished in the future, and solid particles of pigment suspended in a solvent, applied to wood to darken or change its natural colour, but if you want to get out of the brown one you need to take advantage of flooring samples and choose the best for you with the help of our experts!


Why is oil finish important?

Finishing your wooden floors is extremely important, it effect as a barrier between the natural wood and everything that it contacts with – foot traffic, pets, heavy furniture and other surface objects. It helps extend the floorboards life and helps keep your floor looking wonderful for longer time period.

Oil penetrates into the wood and accentuates both the colour and grain of the floor, whilst also making a protection layer. The molecules in the oil are small enough to seep deep down into the wood and make a strong form of protection. This also prevents the look and feel of a gloss on the surface of the floor. In addition to providing a natural outlook, oiled floors offer the chance of being spot repaired in the event of surface damage.

The colour and finish of the oils is completely up to you. Finishes include glossy, satin, semi-matt and matt. An oil finish is extremely durable and hardwearing which helps protect your wooden floors from getting used. Other positive thing for an oil finish is that it enhances the woods natural character. An oil finish protection will help your wooden floor to deal with the scratches and traffic to 10 years!

Priority for us is to provide quality floor sanding services. If you have a renovation ideas for your home or office -contact us 24/7!


Vintage interior and wood flooring

All of us love to look at the interior magazines and try a pretty things in our home interior, here today we are going to speak a little bit about vintage home design. And as you know ‘vintage’ as word meaning is a high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and the most typical characteristics of particular type of things like vintage clothing, vintage decoration, vintage book, so when we are talking about vintage here let’s really focus on this long lasting material called WOOD !

The wide use of this amazing material and it’s wonderful characteristics have made them the most used material in the world of  floors! We love our job and we like to make new project and improve our work and techniques as well as we are improving your homes and offices with  hardwood flooring. Our company is one of the best experts in wood floor renovations because we know so much about this material. Wood is so popular because of it’s great skills and benefits it brings in your home like light reflection improvement, less dust collecting, better foot traffic handling, shiny and sparkling appearance, more welcoming atmosphere and of course long lasting ! And it is also comfortable and suitable for every type of interior.

In vintage homes is necessary to have a wood flooring because nothing is as classic as wood! Contact with our company any time you need to do floor restoration !